Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Open Studio 2016

I haven't been able to update my blog for a long long time. I refuse to buy a new computer or update my system. Why should I? Grrrr.
Anyway, I shall do it the complicated way, posting sometimes from my iPad. 

And thus, friends, time flies and Dorset Art Weeks are about to start and here I will post a preview of some of the new work Colin and I will have on display, ready for you to admire and acquire. Here to start some of my smoke fired figures.

Friday, 15 January 2016

January prints

The prints are starting to come out from the oven. These are the first two.

Pig Champions

The Poultry Champion

Monday, 11 January 2016

David Bowie

Back in 1995 I got commissioned to illustrate a comic for the released of David Bowie's Outside album. The songs in the album form a story about a futurist cyber detective Nathan Adler who is investigating a series of artistic crimes. I remember that around that time Ron Athey, one of the artists featured in these stories came to Mexico city and we saw the performance which was both terribly gore and fascinating.

I was told that Bowie was very pleased with both the campaign for the release of his album and the comic and also that he requested to have the original drawing of the cover. I don't know if all this is true or that over the years I've made it up, but I like to think that one of my drawings was hanging on one of his walls (or at least resting on a drawer in his house).

And now he is gone! I can't believe it. I love him and through all those years living in London I kept dreaming I would run into him in the streets and would tell him so like any annoying fan.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Imre Reiner

My friend Carsten first dragged my attention to the work of Imre Reiner, a typographer and wood-engraver born in Hungary in 1900, and later he sent me a wonderful book illustrated by him.

I am utterly impressed by the apparently easy and relaxed way he worked on the wood to create images that look like ink drawings. Amazing. I have set up a challenge to try something like that on that beautiful piece of lemon wood that has been queuing to be used for quite some time.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

christmas card

This year I had the honour to design the Christmas Card for Rowley Gallery.

I chose to use some of the characters of a traditional Mexican pastorela, a play that recreates the biblical passage in which the shepherds are guided to Bethlehem and there are always angels, devils, sheep and funny situations.

If you are in west London go and visit Rowley Gallery, it's full of choices for your Christmas presents. The clock is ticking!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Advent candles

As an exercise I will be collecting nice things that happen every day from here to Christmas.

I was horrified with this first one, but Sami was so please with his present and was going to such trouble to give it to me that at the end he melted my heart.

This one doesn't sound like a big thing but throwing pots is not my strongest point and each one is a triumph.

Every morning I am reminded of the Hitchcock movie The Birds. When I drink my coffee in the morning and look through the window there are loads, dozens of rooks sitting on the wire. Not today though.

Monday, 16 November 2015

First book. First edition.

This autumn instead of making a calendar I spent my time in a much more ambitious project.

In the name of Chaldon Press I proudly introduced to the world my first hand made book. In a VERY limited edition of 10 copies. It features my Sheep of Britain and along with Shepherd Dove you will learn the ancient and mysterious language for counting sheep. This language varies all around the U.K.

Please come and visit my brand new SHOP where I've also hanged some of my recent prints where you can acquire with just a couple of clicks.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


We are back from a most agreeable holiday in the south of Spain. It was not only a feast for my stomach (churros, shrimps, etc) but a feast for the eyes as well. First time I've been at the Alhambra, wonderful. All those wonderful tiles.

We also went to little towns in the mountains and in one of them we had the nice surprise of containing a Picasso museum with a handful of his magic ceramics.

All was very nice but I was in a hurry to come back home. Thanks to my excellent husband my ceramic studio is completely set up.

I was very proud of myself that on my first firing I didn't lose a single piece!

So, if anybody needs me I'll be in the shed practising, practising, practising.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Artist's books

Something I really want to concentrate from now on is in the making of artist's books. I'm sure there's no money in it, but the exercise, the process of producing it and the visual result can be very rewarding.

We did that at Bild-Werk. With just a couple of basic stitches I taught them we ended up with around twenty books in the final exhibition. And then as a surprise they presented me with a beautiful book they made with a selection of their engravings in Japanese bookbinding.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Bild-Werk II

I may have mentioned that for a while I've been struggling with a persistent creative block. I am used to have these blocks from time to time and also used to come out of them eventually. This one, however was starting to annoy me.

Fortunately I was invited to teach at Bild-Werk which was the perfect cure.

This is how my desk looked after the first week:

It's the perfect setting, these are just some of the points that I think why Bild-Werk works for me:

a) The place is inhabited by dozens of artists living, working, eating together day and night (last year I had difficulty telling the teachers from the students apart)

b) We have at least one lecture by a teacher or an assistant teacher every evening, (a very inspiring thing, especially for me as most of them are glass artists and my complete ignorance on the subject made me wonder in amazement).

c) While the courses are running, the place is not open for visitors, pets or children, which in my opinion is a decisive factor to keep us focused.

d) My students were so driven! and they dragged me along like a peloton.

e) The food and the beer over there are amazing. The mind and spirit don't work properly if you are not fed properly or slightly drunk.

f) etc.

We had to prepare our own wood blocks. The wood wasn't completely dry or perfectly sanded, like the precious blocks I get here in the U.K. but for that reason we used them so freely and so merrily. To me it was paradise! Some times when I order blocks I am scared to start engraving on them as they are so beautiful when Chris Daunt sends them to me, but with such bonanza I just went mad.

One of the assignments I gave to my guys was to make a piece or an installation or something that would include some other material than paper, glass preferably as we were at Bild-Werk. Or to try to raise the image from an engraving onto another material than paper.

These are some of the pieces I made:

I made this with the help of Stephen Paul-Day who gave me the wax to model the figurine and then casted it in glass for me. I absolutely adore that figurine. 
The ceramic one I made it with the help of Adam Salvi, the ceramic teacher.

This figurine was also made with the help of Adam.

And this is a triple layered piece. I made the print at the bottom.
Then the second layer with the help of Mark Angus and Jeff Zimmer, both stained glass artists. Or painters on glass? what is correct?
And the top layer was made for me by Katharine Coleman, great glass engraver. It was my intention to escape at some point to her studio and learn how to engrave on glass but I never had the time, so she kindly offered to engrave the rain on glass for me. Thanks a lot!