Tuesday, 30 May 2017


This weekend we found ourselves in Sussex. Mr Moore had great success at the Open Studios in Brighton and as we went to pick up his earnings and some unsold pieces we also went to see the exhibition of Eric Gill at Ditchling Museum.

Gill was definitely mad, there is no excuse for what he did to his daughters, other female relatives and his dog, he would be in jail if he was alive now, and the Museum knowing this prepare the exhibition open to discuss and receive any feedback about our feelings. Because the crazy guy was also an amazing artist and craftsman.

I have always loved his work. I always use his fonts in any document or design I do, I've spent a fortune collecting Gill type and books of his engravings. I spent hours looking in detail at his sculptures and marvel at the softness of the trace of his drawings etc. I really like him. So I confess I was a bit scared to go to the exhibition. Would I end up hating him? Would knowing more creepy details of his creepiness affect my love for his work?

I confess I forgot about it right away. I ended up again just staring for ages at his sculptures, prints and drawings.

The Museum is small but great. Ditchling is a great little town too. 
Thank you Dempseys for your hospitality!

This is a doll that Gill made for his daughter Petra. With maybe one detail too many.

A poster for the 16th Exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers. This year is our 80th!

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