Monday, 15 May 2017

Morris Dancers print

It was my intention to wake up at 4 am on May Day and go climb the hill at Cerne Abbas to see the Wessex Morris Dancers dancing at sunrise. But I had terrible insomnia the night before and couldn't manage.  I was going to! honest.

There is always next year, but I really wanted to make a print about the dancers and most especially in the company of the Ooser, a Dorset giant whose work in the past was to humiliate villagers who have been naughty. So, to my annoyance I had to resource to the help of images in the internet.

The Ooser.

The Wessex Morris Dancers

Carving the dancers block, a beautiful Lemonwood block.

Choosing colours and composition

Choosing the type, Times, 14pts in this case.

And proofing it.

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