Monday, 10 April 2017

What have I been doing? II

I had the honour to be invited along with a bunch of other wood engravers to the Prints and Drawings Study Room at the British Museum and have a look and talk about the Dalziel Archive, a collection of thousands of Victorian wood engravings.

It was fascinating to see this prints in the flesh and hear what my colleagues and the curator had to observe and tell about the work we had in front of us, to compare it with our contemporary practice and to hear what the lady who is in charge of the project had to tell us of her discoveries and knowledge of the collection.

To be in that very special room where thousands and thousands of historic prints are drawing are kept was fascinating enough and the general merriment made the day go very quick.

You can see the collection online. It's been scanned and catalogued and can be seen HERE.

Or if you have an Alice in Wonderland copy with the victorian illustrations you will see in a corner of the image the Dalziel name along with Tenniel's.

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