Thursday, 13 December 2012

News from the Cottage II

Day 6
Mr Barker arrived on a visit to show us the surroundings. He was born not far from here so his knowledge of the area was welcome. The south west was blowing with impressive force but we were not impressed and went fossil hunting to a beach whose name I forgotten.

Day 7
Another beautiful sunny day and an early walk with Mr Barker was the order of the day. The days are starting to melt one on top of the other in my mind, but I remember the highlights like the dancing beach, the climbers climbing, and of course, the return to the amazing Square and Compass pub in Worth Matravers.

Day 8
The amiable Crews joined us at a ghost town whose name I also forgotten, Dorset has places with weird names and my poor memory has no more gigas. So, never you mind, it is a village that has to be evacuated on the times of the Second World War for the army to train. The inhabitants were never allowed to return but now some days of the week is open to visitors and we can see how they lived there back then. Interesting and sad.

Day 9
Mr Barker had to make an unexpected return to London with his barouche in pieces, after a crash in which fortunately he came out safe and sound. An unwelcome accident and we had to say goodbye to him, just when we were having so much fun.

Day 10
The micro-climate of this part of the UK is so unbelievable that we have no option but to keep enjoying the beautiful outdoors. A 3 hour walk around Abbotsbury though Chesil Beach and the amiable Crews waiting for us at the Tropical Gardens with tea and scones.

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