Thursday, 6 December 2012

News from the Cottage I

Day 1
Our friend the Captain was in need of a place to stay in London for a while and we, the Moores, in urgent need of a long proper resting holiday after a mad twelvemonth. Therefore, a quick swap was arranged and we are now settled in a small village in the west country.
Upon arrival we were greeted by the sight of what was going to become our local: the Sailors Return. Hooray!

The first day has been spent in getting to know the cottage which surely belonged to a family of pigmies, or perhaps it was the one that inspired Lewis Carroll while writing Alice in Wonderland. We have banged our heads so many times in all the frames of doors and ceilings that I think none of my hats will fit anymore.

Day 2
A trip to the closest market town to stock ourselves with the necessary groceries and meat. There were parcels to be post and money to be deposited. On the way, a quick survey to Weymouth to eat the first fish and chips of the month and say hello to the seagulls.

Day 3
The sun was shinning and as the days are so short, a walk was decided. Not a long one as Mrs Moore's knee is still on the path to recovery. Nevertheless it took us two hours to get to Lulworth Cove and further two to get back. The rain came and gave us the most amazing present. A perfect rainbow. Unfortunately it seems that we were on the wrong end as there was no pot with gold shillings to be seen.

Day 4
This was a day spent entirely indoors. The post chaise was expected with a parcel from foreign lands. Parcel that never arrived but forced us to rest as it should be. A very welcome idle day.

Day 5
A visit to Lyme Regis where Lady Suzanne and Miss Crew have their temporary lodgings and have already surveyed the area to find the best fish & chips and cream tea establishments. A very pleasant and rather cold day. I had the pleasure of walking in the same promenade where Miss Elliot and Captain Wentworth met again, after eight years. 
On our return to the cottage, the eagerly awaited parcel was here with the happy surprise of three of the books I illustrated this year. 

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