Sunday, 25 September 2016

I'm back!

What the hell? it seems that blogger has finally decided to allow me updating my blog in my old computer.
Just as well. I have some terribly important announcements and past events to talk about.

Announcements first:

I have been invited to take part in the Great Print Exhibition at the Reghed Centre in Cumbria. It's a big and long exhibition starting on the 25th of November up until the 26th of February. So you have plenty of time to organise yourself and come up north, if you are not there already.

I may also be an Artist in Residence there, working with their magnificent Albion and creating a series of prints to show the public about the printing process. I'll keep you inform.

I shall be presenting a new collection of prints I've been working on. Big ones. I sometimes need some variety so I've been resting the wrist from wood engraving and allowing my arm to work on a wider movement.

Also one of the porcelain wood engravings I've been working on was pre-selected at the Royal West of England Academy for the 164 Annual Exhibition, which pleases me greatly. It will please me even more if it gets to be hanged. I shall then be invited in golden letters to attend the varnishing ceremony and all that. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

 The first one is called Self-Storm and that is the one selected.

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