Monday, 14 July 2014


For 43 years I've known that it is going to rain on my birthday and it still catches me unprepared. 
I had the most delightful of days anyway. My students covered me with presents from early in the morning and then Mark (who is one of the teachers in BildWerk but also my student) herded us to his van and took us to Czech Republic. We are only four kilometres from Czech Republic!

First we crossed the border from the Bayerische Eisenstein station, just for fun and to see an exhibition of some of the teachers at BildWerk.
Then we walked a bit around Zeleszna Ruda and had a sumptuous Czech lunch with the most delicious of beer. And to help the digestion we walked to the Black Lake, there is where the rain caught us. A storm rather, with light and thunder too. Beautiful though...

On our return to Germany, Mark had already cooked another sumptuous meal. So this day I had Czech knödel and in the evening Bavarian knödel. With goulash. And home made wine, home made cake, home made berry sauce and buckets of merriment, along with music.
And to end a perfect day we went to the pub where we managed to find space to watch the World Cup final. It was very nice to see the locals so happy with their triumph. 

It was a very nice birthday indeed.

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