Wednesday, 26 February 2014

rain season

My blog has been terribly neglected for months. I've been reflecting upon this.

I think happiness doesn't produce any good creative results. You are too busy been happy. And since we moved to the west country in a most agreeable village with lovely neighbours, the sea 1 mile away, fresh air, sheep, cows, etc. we are inhabitants of a never ending holiday.

However, there was the English monsoon. Loads of houses flooded not far from here. Heavy rain and heavy winds for three months non-stop made life a bit monotonous. We could either just be inside the house or inside the studio. Humans in a zoo. Misery appears and creativity with it. The result of this visit? a new series. Hooray for misery!


Visuddhimati said...

Love these pictures
Hope the move is working well for you

Jazmin velasco said...

Hello Visuddhimati, yes, everything is great over here. And the winter seems to be over. Hooray!

My best regards to everybody at the Buddhist center!