Sunday, 16 December 2012

Latest figurines

We are back in London and I brought a cold from the southwest. I am glad to be back and see that Sami survived our two weeks separation. And I am sure he is glad to have his feeding slave back.

I am today applying golden details to some of the figurines I made.

Before I had a little walk to the village to see what's new in the neighbourhood. It is incredible that in just two weeks several shops have gone and new ones are to open soon. 
At Lauderdale house there was a Craft Faire and I saw with pleasure an old lady who sometimes is there with a little stall of her ceramics. I had already acquired a lovely robin and today I got a bowl with some creature in it. Is it a cat? Is it a squirrel? She was very generous to me and explained extensively how to achieve good results with paper clay. 

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