Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The £50 sunset

I am illustrating a book in which I have been stuck for a while in a page where I wanted to combine photography with my scrapboard drawings. I needed a sunset.

But I may have thought I was the Little Prince living in the asteroid B-612 where he could just move his chair a bit and watch a sunset any time he felt a bit melancholy. He sometimes would watch several sunsets in a row by just moving the chair.

Well, it's not like that on planet earth, I'm afraid. And for a few days I obsessively observed the sky and meditated in the different tones of blue, and how difficult is to transform a blue sky into a pink sky in photoshop, and how annoying some ideas can be, when nature doesn't cooperate.

But alas! just when I was giving up and thinking in changing the whole idea I saw the sky turning slowly into pink. So, camera in hand I run to my closest park and start happily snapping away. It was all very poetic and there I was as a merry lamb gamboling in the prairie and catching sunsets, fishing pink clouds... until I noticed that I was on my own and the gates of the park were closed. No more gamboling. It was more like a frenetic running from gate to gate and at the same time planning how to survive the night in my local park. Which tree to climb and spend the night to avoid the foxes and other beasts making a dinner of me.

Then, the park ranger, a rastafarian with golden teeth finds me and tells me off. I think he though I was photographing couples kissing or something, he wouldn't believe me I was just in urgent need of a sunset with trees in the foreground. Let me out and informed me that the fine for climbing the gates is £50.

Fortunately all ended up well as my publishers liked the sunset very much.

And today I took the morning off. Went to the Heath and spent some hours snapping the Autumn, another ephemeral phenomenon.

I think most Londoners know how lucky we are in this city full of parks.

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pbiwan said...

So pretty. But you know what's really sad? Apparently all the chestnut trees are dying...no more conkers :(