Monday, 7 May 2012


Reading my posts it would seem as if I am always on holiday. Going from one place to another and visiting castles, beaches and staying at nice places.

Well maybe it is. We just spent two wonderful weeks in Cornwall. Colin kept reminding me that we were there to work, but it was impossible to see it as work, I enjoyed every single minute of it. I couldn't even complained of the weather because the weather itself helped us to decide what to do. If it was sunny we would go on a coastal walk with camera and notebooks to sketch and draw; and if it was rainy we would just stay at the studio that lovely Penny McBreen lent us.

I was in heaven. I never get to do much at the ceramic class, always looking at the clock and making things in haste, but now I had hours and hours of silence and space to play with my clay and experiment, I even had a go at the wheel. It was very much a pottery trip for me. One rainy day (that supposed to be sunny, but we didn't always get it right) went to St Ives and visited the Bernard Leach Pottery

In St. Ives we also found by accident the house of Alfred Wallis. We had pink sunsets daily. It was lamb season. I eat fish & chips, cornish pasties and cream teas until my stomach couldn't cope. We had the good luck to be in Padstow when Obby Oss emerged from the sea. The Taggs came to visit. I had a lovely cat to look after. I cooked in an aga. But two weeks finished just too soon. Thank you McBreens! Thank you so much for everything!

Drawings to come. Ceramics to come. Back in London now. Piles of work. Nooooooo.

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