Sunday, 19 September 2010

Is it autumn yet?

As I had some errands to do in Cambridge on Saturday and upon noticing that Ely and Cambridge look very close in the map, I put Cecily in the train and off we go to enjoy another beautiful cycling day and to have a look at the Cathedral.

But alas, I forgot that it normally takes a while to find the beginning of the route and that it is very easy to get lost, especially if there are no signs half way through. So, three hours and 30 miles later I finally got to Ely. Never mind, September is the harvest time of blackberries in Cambridgeshire and at this time of year they are the sweetest. The road was made of them. YUUUUM.

National Cycle Route: 11
Average Speed: 14 m/h, flat and very straight long roads after leaving the river, it can get monotonous, like cycling in Yucatan.
Total miles: 42.6 (this time including the distance from my house to the train station and back)

*After all, I discovered that the route 11 passes in front of the gallery where I exhibit in Cambridge. Doh!
*The route 11 gives the option to follow the river Cam all the way to Waterbeach or go through villages.
*At Waterbeach there is a long sign for cyclists to keep going the long way through Landbeach, Cottenham, Wilburton and Witchford. Or to put the bicycle in the train. Or to die smashed in the A10.
*They say you can see the Cathedral from miles. It is not true.
And today I took part in a small exhibition of local artists in Highgate Wood Heritage Day. Thank you!

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh Ely is a lovely place to visit! I've enjoyed browsing your blog, I love your artwork...