Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Cecily series

not really. It will be called Cycle series... I guess...

Today's ride was Addlestone - Windsor and back.
National Route: 4
Average speed: 13 m/h (stopping a lot to take pictures and to check if I was lost or what)
Total miles: 28.9 (not counting from Highgate to Waterloo and back)
*Again, difficult to find the beginning of the route from Addlestone station. A good looking jogger helped me (it is towards Chertsey)
*There is a nice camping site in Laleham.
*Not to follow the river at Staines. Cross the bridge instead.
*The signs of the route suddenly disappear in the saddest place in the UK called Egham. Very annoying.  But spotted a speedy cyclist and followed him and found the path to the Great Windsor Park. Amazing.
*Great day for cloudspotters.
*Came back through Old Windsor, much better and easier and nicer route.

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Oliver. said...

Acabo de descubrir tu blog, aunque creo que ya había visto tu trabajo alguna vez. Me encanta lo que haces, de verdad. Saludos desde GDL