Wednesday, 26 May 2010

the tao of sadness

Yesterday I taught for the last time in my Stoke Newington class. A circle that closes.

Six years teaching them and I just remember six years of good things. I made loads of friends, I had great fun, I learned a lot, and hopefully I gave my students something that can help them through their lives as much as T'ai chi chuan has helped me. I am far from being a master. Far far far. But I hope at least that I opened the door to the path of tao.

T'ai chi chuan is a commitment for life and I know I will keep practicing until I am 100 years old. I hope most of them do. Thank you guys! ♥ oh! and thanks for my presents ♬ tra la la ♪I looooove presents.


Tim B. said...

Well, congratulations on six years of being an excellent teacher and running a brilliant class. I just wish I could have made it more often. :)

Michelle said...

Jazmin - I really regret that health issues caused me to miss the last year. And just as I'm beginning to feel better you go and cancel the class! Bummer.

Thank you for all the fun and instruction. I had a great time in class and learned a lot from you.

Love & hugs,

Michelle said...

PS - Love the image!