Thursday, 1 April 2010

new plates

The ones I made with the decals.

Two scenes. The first one is a typical countryside hunting day, but Machete is the prey, all the foxes have move to London.

The second one is set in a forest in China, a friendly match between Machete and Master Li.


Mario C said...

con saludos desde una ciudad de méxico tranquila por vacaciones. Mario

diego molina said...

Muy buenos chamaca!

Tim Budden said...

I've always wondered if you matched a martial arts fighter against a wrestler who'd win. My money is on the Mexican Marvel Machete!! Wonderful plates. Need to do something similar with my cuts. Are decals easy to make n use?

Jazmin velasco said...

Muchachos, muchachos. Que ganas de verlos, caray. Será hasta el fin de año. Buuu.

Hello Tim, my heart is in conflict between Machete and Master Li, probably it was a draw.
And for the decals you can make them in screenprint, which is something I still have to learn, this I sent them to a company and they make them for you.