Sunday, 11 April 2010

my neighbours

Archie, a hundred years old in feline numbers. One eye blue, the other green. Square, the size of a stool, and the most patient, affectionate and thoughtful cat I've ever met.
Sparkles, the quiet one, half a tail, small ears. Likes to be on his own.
Voodoo Child. Young, vigorous, talkative, likes breaking things and eat the others food.
New cat I've never seen before. Quite the same as Voodoo child, maybe a clone.

Whenever the neighbours go away they ask us to feed them and I love going and spend some time with them all. Just recently we heard that Sami si the bully of the neighbourhood and all these guys have been trashed by him. I'm so sorry!

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gone to pot said...

i love these cat portraits and descriptions! how could sami beat up such lovely animals?