Saturday, 25 July 2009


For around a year (I just realized!) I've been illustrating a series of children books. From beginning to end I work the drawings in the computer, even the roughs.

That has not just affected my sight, but my soul too. A million years ago, when I was a designer still working with baselines, glue, scissors and the computer was just starting to be introduced in design, I read that Milton Glaser said that designing or drawing in the computer was like pornography, imitating through a screen what you could do with the hands. (I exaggerate, I love this project, very well written and the team I work with).

So now I feel the need to go back to my humble origins, using the first tool I ever used to colour on paper. I miss paper. Fran gave me this bunch of muji pencils for my birthday.

By the way, I just noticed that good old Milton has published a new book, it sound great, I'll buy it right now.

"Drawing is Thinking is the latest of Milton Glaser’s books, based on the idea that all art is a form of meditation. The book delineates that position. The drawings depicted are meant to be experienced sequentially, like a melodic line – each one reflecting on what has passed and anticipating what is to come. The primary intent is to explore how the mind works in its attempt to create reality."


Martha, la de siempre said...

Queridísima Jazmín:
Estoy segura que este regreso a tus orígenes de papel y diferentes materiales para pintar en él, sin el artificio de la computadora, nos van a traer maravillas a todos los que te admiramos y queremos. Durante este tiempo has enriquecido tu persona y espíritu y esa energía fluirá a través de ti y de tus manos para crear maravillas!
Ya ansío verlas!
Te mando un gran abrazo desde este DF...

epe said...

que linda sucesión de imágenes!