Thursday, 16 July 2009

cycling suffolk

And there we go. My friend Pascale and I for a long rainy wet weekend, to celebrate our birthdays.

We suffered cold (me, almost hypothermia, bloody stupid tent), hunger, exhaustion and clouds of bugs, including those horrible bugs that have some kind of scissors at the front and rear and get into your ears and eat you inside. I had a whole family of them inside my tent.

But nevertheless we enjoyed a great scenery, saw millions of rabbits, clouds of swallows, the breeze of the sea, the best fish and chips (or whale and chips it seemed), the great local beer and very VERY lovely people.


Mario C said...

Se ve buena esa vacación felicidades por tu cumpleaños, y por los bichos que vayan a $&/* su mamá...

Martha, la de siempre said...

¡¡Feliz, feliz cumple Jazmín!!
Van para allá muchos luchadores y apapachadores abrazos!

diego molina said...

Hola Chamaca! Todavía no llegó el cargamento. Cualquier cosa, avísame y lo paso a buscar.
Un beso a ti y otro al Colin... y gracias!