Sunday, 3 May 2009

the beach

My sister and I decided to defy the general paranoia and try to enjoy some days in a nice Pacific beach, by the coast of Nayarit.

Many places were closed so I couldn't eat like I normally do (like a pig), but I guess that was good. The beach was there, waiting for us, beautiful and the water was perfect. It was probably the last place on earth someone can get ill. Me, at least, it was exactly the paradise I needed to make this trip worthy.


diego molina said...

Hola Jotavé!¿Como estuvo el regreso?

jazmin velasco said...

Uff, fatal. Ya te imaginarás. Con la guarapeta que me puse estuve crudísima, con un dolorón de cabeza. Para colmo fue el vuelo más turbulento en el que he viajado. Fatal fatal.

Pero un gusto de verlos. Aún tengo que mandarles el otro mameluquín, ya me pasarás tu dirección con CP y todo. Un besote!