Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sad days

These days have been so surreal. My trip became a scene of a boring catastrophe movie, waiting for Will Smith to come and save the planet.

The city is paralized and there's not much to do. We have to wear masks. We can't kiss each other hello or goodbye. I couldn't visit a good friend to know his baby. I can't even go to the park to practice my t'ai chi! Every sneeze or cough becomes a nightmare... Paranoia paranoia.

I had, with all the pain in my heart to change my ticket for a week earlier. I hope they don't cancel the flights, anything can happen now. All I want is to be with Chamaco and Sami. Booo.


Tim Budden said...

Just hang tight. We had the same situation when SARS was here in Taiwan. You'll get home soon.

Martha, la de siempre said...

Lamento mucho que tu estancia en México se de en estos términos Jazmín! Cierto, es una ciudad triste y vacía, un tiempo de desconcierto... y también es cierto que hay gran probabilidad que Europa cierre sus fronteras a los vuelos de México.
Te mando un abrazo y beso de corazón, de esos que no contagian y van llenos de afecto y buenos deseos!

jazmin velasco said...

Thank you guys, booooo. I wanted to go to the beach!!!! Boooo.

gone to pot said...


a friend of mine was surfing in mexico last week. he said he thought it would have been much cheerier if everyone was wearing wrestling masks instead of those blue ones!