Saturday, 12 April 2008


I think I will finally follow my friend Selva's advice and start creating ex-libris.
An ex-libris is a mark of property people stick in the personal library. Ex-libris are traditionally bespoken orders to printmakers.
Selva is the president of the Mexican Association of Ex-Libris, thus she is the most active promoter of this not very well know art and this also makes her indirectly a promoter of the love of books and probably at the end, a promoter of reading.
In her office in Mexico a few days ago we met this guy, an ex-libris artist who has made hundreds (hundreds!) of ex-libris and told us that some people after having their ex-libris made start getting books in order to glue the ex-libris in.
So, people, soon you will see the section of ex-libris in my website. Be patient.
I start today with the ex-libris of my alter ego: Machete Velasco.


Anonymous said...
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José Luis said...

Jazmin! You'll be a great ex libris artist! Probably the best!

Gracias por el comentario amiga, me alegra haberte convencido.

Mil besos,