Thursday, 10 April 2008

Diego Molina

Master Diego Molina worked with master Breccia, both Argentinians with a talent that makes me feel an amateur.
Diego right now is illustrating the project of his life, a book by Edgar Allan Poe, so please don't miss the chance to visit his blog where you can see the book taking shape page by page. I stole these images from there, isn't it amazing?. I hope you don't mind, Diego.
By the way, he lives with Karina, Master of Pasta. Before my eyes I saw a mountain of flour and eggs transforming into the best plate of tallarines. Yum yum.

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diego molina said...

Ehh Jotavé! Gracias por los comentarios... pero no se si es para tanto.
Que bueno que nos vimos
Un abrazo a vos y a Colin