Sunday, 9 March 2008

Anatomy lessons

Sometimes I go to the sauna & steam rooms which I find incredibly interesting. Not just because there may be like 5 different languages speaking loud at the same time or because some of the women bring the wigs into the steam room etc. It's because it's been like going to a life drawing class but without paper and pencil.
I've seen the most amazing bodies and I have to retain that in the memory and draw them when I come back home.
So now you know. Next time you go to a steam room and someone is staring at you it may be an illustrator and you've been a model for a bit.


Waterrose said...

Ohhh...I hope not!!! LOL

Mario C said...

En el caso de los hombres, ¡aguas!

Jazmin Velasco said...

Har har har. Yo solo voy los dias de las chicas, me da grima ir los dias mixtos... guacala.

Chris Stone said...

Waterrose stole my comment..."LOL!"