Monday, 4 February 2008

St Ferriol

On Saturday I suddenly found myself in France in the middle of a tiny mini little village in the château of Sophie and James, good friends of Colin.
It was a weekend of excesses, of course. More or less like this:
Let's have a nice long English breakfast. Oh! a château. The pyrenees over there. More wine? look, another château. Shall we have cakes and coffee after another long lunch. In the château. Now more wine and a tour of châteaus. But first more wine.
I was in heaven of course. And the sky was blue. And even though it was quite cold the sun was shining and the wine kept appearing in my glass.
We were on time for a festival in another village, the clowns were spooky and drunk. I kept thinking in the movie Jean de Florette and in all those Brothers Grimm tales with châteaus and princesses. Nostradamus house was around there as well.
But the biggest château is in Carcassone. No time to stop to draw a bit, we arrived just twenty minutes before they closed.

Now back in the rain and the grey sky. Home.


frantasticfx said...

It sounds like you JAD a gr8 time. It IS a great place.

Jenrosesegrest said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend