Monday, 28 January 2008

Back to Brighton

Back to the sea again. This time to visit Lim who invited us to this concert he organised in his local pub.

It was great. Loads of instruments I've never seen before. The drummer of the first band, a trio of English guys playing flamenco music, had a weird ceramic thing (udu or something like that) and sometimes he played the thing he was sitting on, a flamenco box (or something like that, sorry, I was too busy in the etilico process) and also he had a little guiro.
But the king of the night was the drummer of the other band, a trio of Indians who also were playing strange objects.
The best thing of all was that Lim at the end asked them all to play together and it was amazing. They were like playing t'ai chi together and the energies flowing between them efortless. Oooh.


natascha said...

Gracias por tu comment en mi blog. Las moo cards por las que preguntabas son unas tarjetas que hace una compañía que se llama moo. Tienen un tamaño pequeño pero que a mi me gusta mucho. Las puedes encontrar aqui:
Me gustan mucho tus ilustraciones!

Mario C said...

que el color del cielo entonces lo ilustre la música, saludos,

frantasticfx said...

¿Y qué hace Christine en tu blog?

Me encanta Brighton, siempre tiene un feeling muy alternativo y experimental. Siempre que ido me ha encantado, especialmente cuando he pasado la noche allí.

Marie-Louise said...

when will you show yor ceramics for me? I know that you are in the beginning but I wonder if you like it?

Ellis Nadler said...

i like the one of the single guy