Monday, 11 January 2016

David Bowie

Back in 1995 I got commissioned to illustrate a comic for the released of David Bowie's Outside album. The songs in the album form a story about a futurist cyber detective Nathan Adler who is investigating a series of artistic crimes. I remember that around that time Ron Athey, one of the artists featured in these stories came to Mexico city and we saw the performance which was both terribly gore and fascinating.

I was told that Bowie was very pleased with both the campaign for the release of his album and the comic and also that he requested to have the original drawing of the cover. I don't know if all this is true or that over the years I've made it up, but I like to think that one of my drawings was hanging on one of his walls (or at least resting on a drawer in his house).

And now he is gone! I can't believe it. I love him and through all those years living in London I kept dreaming I would run into him in the streets and would tell him so like any annoying fan.

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pbiwan said...

What a great story! I too hope he got to enjoy your work for many years :)