Friday, 13 February 2015

Optimus Maximus

It's been a very eventful morning. We have been given a magnificent Welsummer Cockerel which was either going to become part of a winter soup or die in the hands of his magnificent father, a dominant male.

So off we went to Devon to collect him and brought him home last night.

This morning however, the hens were not very impressed at the beginning, specially Chabela, the dominant female, and a terrible bully. So after and hour looking at each other from different sides of the fence, when we let him out the gruelling battle for dominance started.

Chabela grabbed him and started punching him in the face, but he was having none of that rubbish and with great masculine dexterity submitted her by the neck with a triangle strangle. Poppy looked quite disconcerted, and quite pleased to see her tormentor being tormented I suspect, while poor Lavinia was running around in distress as she was in terrible need to lay an egg.

The rookie won the first battle, Poppy clapped and Lavinia laid her egg.

He must feel inside a scene of Macbeth... poor guy.

Please welcome the magnificent Optimus Maximus.

I could never convince any of my friends to name their male babies Optimus Maximus, I don't know why, such a great name. So I have now my own creature to call it that.

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Angelina Velarde said...

¡Qué risa Jazmín!
Pelea campal y todo, ¡sobrevivimos! dijo Maximus y la líder altiva Chavela. A ver como les va en el segundo Round. Le pusiste nombre de gladiador. ¡Buen puntacho!


¡saludos cariñosos chica!