Tuesday, 25 November 2014

La Ceiba

I'm in Mexico. 
Mexico is in a terrible state at the moment. The people is tired of corruption and injustice, there are protests and there is repression. It's very sad.

Nevertheless, life carries on and there are still many things that give me hope. I have come to La Ceiba, in the state of Veracruz, I'm having an artistic residence to learn a technique of printing I've been avoiding: lithography. And I'm having a great time.

Bloody difficult technique it is though. Fortunately I have all for myself Yosi, who with great patience is teaching me slowly and firmly the art of drawing on stone, like the flinstones.

Yosi explaining the first of many difficult md laborious stages: "granear" the stone.

One of the presses made here in La Ceiba.

My first stone. 

The fabulous letterpress studio, that I may invade if I have the time.

Julian at the moku- hanga workshop

Margarita teaching how to extract colour from the earth.

The fabulous communal kitchen.

A bubble of happiness amid the chaos.

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