Monday, 18 August 2014

Garden Log August

I am disproportionately proud of my vegetable garden despite comparing it with those of my neighbours which are far more prosperous and neat.
The Battle of the Slugs in the spring claimed many casualties and on my way back after three weeks in Bavaria some more casualties of abandonment where found among the jungle that the vegetable patch have been turned into.
But nevertheless, we've been enjoying eating most of them. I was fortunate enough to have time to see most of the berries come and go. And now the strawberries have been multiplying themselves and I can hardly walk into the cage to try to separate the babies from the mother plants.

Today the second giant Russian opened. The first one is called Tolstoi and this one is Chekhov. The bees were already queueing up from early morning to get into it. I can't wait to get the seeds.

In the green house the tomatoes are still growing like mad. I have half a kilo each day. Soon I will have to start making tomato chutneys or tomato sauces or something of the sort.

These ones however, are not weeds (like a well-meaning visitor thought and that thankfully didn't have time to destroy as it was her intention before I intervened) and neither are Chinese lanterns. They are Mexican tomatoes and there are so many that we will have green sauce all year round. Below them buried in their excessive enthusiasm lay the poor three small chili trees that despite being small are growing giant jalapeƱos. This as you can see is the sauce green house.

Apples and pears keep growing at steady pace, just like me.

Now, these guys have been the stars for a while. As soon as I saw the first Pumkin Blossom appear my inner Mexican appeared too and Bloosom Quesadillas, Blossom Soup and Fried Blossoms have been in the menu and impressing neighbours at dinner.

But help me here. The huge plant with the flowers seem to be having different things. Or rather, are different plants and the flowers are very similar. Some are pumpkins, I guess, and some are other sort of squashes. Oh, the ignorance of a peasant beginner!

Another discovery today. In an advanced state of development. When do I have to harvest this? And not to forget the grapes, potatoes, onions, beetroot, borage and herbs.

We, the Moores moved to Chaldon Herring exactly a year ago. Exactly a year ago I was dreaming we could find a house in this village and have a big garden where to produce our food. I have it now. And I am grateful to Buddha, God, Mohammed, Quetzalcoatl, Ganesh and all the others who made this possible.

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