Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Garden log

So, the Moores have finally moved house and studio. Chaldon Herring Studios will be the name. The studios are not ready yet however, and we'll keep using the well house office for the moment.

In the meantime I've had to engage in a gruelling battle against weeds and snails who thought that the garden was now their castle and in no time they covered the whole of the vegetable and berries patch, munching away. They didn't expect mexican inquisition!

It took me six complete days to more or less be in control. My back hurts and my forehead is burning of nettles attack. It doesn't matter. I won't lose a single berry. My good friend joe came to visit and taught me a few basic things that I had no clue at all. Fascinating too. All this companion planting stuff. Fascinating! Today I have to get more chives to plant next to the tomatoes and apples trees. Fennel to plant close to the gooseberries. Garlic for the raspberries and thyme for the strawberries. 

That thing I took away that was covering the strawberries cage wasn't a weed. It was thyme. Duh!


Alejandra anzures said...

Jaja jaja va a quedar maravilloso, te falta el mexicanisimo hepazote, la hierbabuena, menta, etc

Jazmin velasco said...

Tengo tomatitos verdes y jicama en el invernadero. Ya estan germinando!