Friday, 3 January 2014

Books! wonderful books!

The wind is flowing really hard here in the South West and its brought me a parcel from Mexico full of books. That wonderful Selva friend of mine has been producing great art books non-stop since starting her publishing company ACAPULCO a couple of years ago.

I then have decided not to do anything else for the rest of the day and along with a glass of wine and a handful of champagne truffles I endeavour to pass a very nice nice time immersing myself in the scribblings and drawings of Alejandro Magallanes and Dr. Alderete. Hooray!

Thank you Selvaaaaa! I glove yoooooouuuu!

By the way, there are plans to make at least a couple of books with her this year, so, keep checking the catalogue and this space, you will be delighted.


Emilie said...

Oh, those books look very interesting.

Christine said...

Sounds like the best day!
The books look wonderful :-)