Sunday, 8 September 2013

Whittington Press 2013

We were busy in the studio, working hard and conscientiously when suddenly I remembered that it was the Whittington Press Open Day, so we had to abandon everything and head to the Cotswolds.

I came back with loads of goodies and presents. I hope we find a place very much like that, a farm in the middle of nowhere and fill it with presses, paper and friends.

I had the fortune to meet the wonderful Jacqui there too, with her lovely cards, posters and a very strong Lancashire accent that a poor Mexican like me found very hard to decipher. Thanks for the little present Jacqui, lovely to meet you!

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Jacqui Sharples said...

Hi Jazmin, so so lovely to meet you you both! Haha we may need an interpreter next time ;) x