Friday, 23 August 2013

Long process

Hello. Long time no writing.

The reason is that we, the Moores have moved house and studio to a temporary rural-maritime place in the west country, where everything is unbelievably beautiful, quiet, tasty and itchy.

This period has been a long, frustrating and painful process at times. Dr. Johnson said that when someone is tired of London, it means that person is tired of life. Well, we are certainly not tired of London, but it seemed the time to move on to a bigger, different place. What we are tired of is of packing boxes, unpacking boxes, carrying them, getting used to a new house, looking at dozens of properties that are either too small, too expensive, too far away from the sea, too smelly, etc.

I find that one's marriage has to be very solid to survive all these strange feelings. Every stage has a different effect in our emotions. Dealing with leaving London, Tile Kiln studio, training mates, martial art teachers, free museums at hand, friends, students... it hasn't been easy.

In compensation we have the sea at hand. We have good friends here, including one who has lent us a temporary studio so we can keep working. We have free apples, fresh eggs, flowers, less traffic, very nice relaxed people. An exceedingly nice pub in the village.

Even Sami seemed to have recovered quite quickly of the stupefaction of being transported in his cage to a new place. Yesterday he was back to his old self stealing and gobbling up a german sausage and staying out all night partying wild I guess...

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