Friday, 7 June 2013

Ooooh la lá

Before the madness of the Affordable Art Fair we the Moores decided to get a little break to France. Took a train to Portsmouth, hopped to the ferry and voila! there we were in the beaches of St. Malo the next day.

St. Malo ticks many of my requirements for a place nearing to perfection. Great food, cider galore, lovely people, huge beaches and pirates!

We also went to Normandy to see the Bayeux tapestry and spent hours in front of it. It is such a wonder. Those embroiderers surely had the time of their lives sewing for what? months, years, that long story of the battle. We had the book at home but looking at it in the flesh I noticed the details and there are several things that I may borrow for some prints. The trees are so outrageous that they are even the logo of the city.

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