Monday, 25 March 2013


Lord, I am extremely exhausted. It has been just the first day of the book fair and my feet are about to give up.

Today was just a frantic run from appointment to appointment as the ticketing system had collapsed and I almost missed my first one. The fair is bigger than I remember and the food worst. And they don't give free coffee all day to poor exhausted illustrators anymore. When I was young things were much better.

But really, bad things stop there, I have had great fun so far and had run into good old friends.

The first few hours I was puzzled over the very different opinions I received of my work. I felt as if I was offering marmite. Thank God my self esteem is quite robust at my age.

Either that or my skin has grown thick.

Oh, and the illustrators exhibition is excellent. I saw with pleasure that there were loads of relief printing pieces selected.

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