Monday, 20 August 2012


We have a group exhibition starting very soon. I made an urgent order of loads of frames but in my haste, I ordered them the wrong size. 
I then planned and made a handful of new prints the size of a whole imperial sheet to fit them in the frames. 
My little wooden types and I had a great morning. They have been languishing and getting very very bored in their drawers.

I like the texture. Some types had some old ink on them that just came out by pressing them. 

 It is a pleasure carving that nice soft Japanese plywood.

 One more type detail. Different colour.

And chine colle. 


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Jazmin velasco said...

Ekoloco, ¿eres tú? ¿deveras te gustó? Ya no estoy tan segura ahora que he regresado al estudio... Quizá cambio los colores...