Thursday, 8 March 2012

Yin yang

It is more yin than yang at the moment. This year is not being kind to me. A series of little ailments have blocked my usual energy.

But ha! did you think I was going to be defeated and feel sorry for myself? No-no-no-no-no. I am taoist and know that everything will pass and that these grey periods are normally very useful. I can't wait to see the torrents of ideas that will come after this famine in my mind and body.


Every March I teach my students a series of chi kung called Return to Spring. There is a poem that condenses the spirit in which this beautiful chi kung must be practiced:

Let the body be at ease.
In any qigong movement, let the body be relaxed.
Go back to spring, return to youth.
Go back to a young heart.
Be one with the beauty of heaven.
Dissolve into earth qi, dissolve into nature.


Chris said...

Dear Jazmin, go to the hollow tree on Hampstead Heath and sit inside its healing crucible for a while. That will cheer you up! Here's an ancient haiku -
A hollow tree
An artist jumps in
The sound of ideas.

Chris xx

Jazmin velasco said...

Does that tree really exists? I urgently need more directions to find it and to heal.

Chris said...

Its just up beyond Viaduct Pond on the left. Omm

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