Monday, 6 February 2012


I've been all morning drinking the gouache water and cleaning the brush in my tea. That just shows you the state of my mind.

I'm working with gouache today, something I've been meaning to do for months. In this house we don't throw anything, so today my work is perhaps 99% recycled. Bits of the heritage cardboard we use for mounting, gouache, scraps of my japanese paper, etc. 

And framing these very glorious portraits of Georgian people in my very Mexican frames that my excellent sister sent me ages ago.

The state of abandonment of my blog is most distressing. January finished a week ago and didn't had the mental space to advertise the opening of the first exhibition in Hundred Years, the new gallery of my friend Montse in Shoreditch in which I am included. I am hoping to at least post some of the photos of the night... sometime... soon...

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Martha said...

¿Me vendes el músico Jazmín? ¡¡Me fascinó!!
Todos, de hecho... Pero el músico me lo imagino muy bien acogido en mi casa...