Monday, 12 December 2011

Wolf Erlbruch

For many years Wolf Erlbruch has been my favourite Illustrator. While in Germany I spent a lot of time in bookshops checking out what is happening now in the Children's books scene, new illustrators and trends. But at the end I just bought two more books illustrated by him. In my eyes He is still the best.


mara said...

I completely agree with you. he's pure genius!
I have both books you posted and I think the one with the little child and father is one of the best ever made!
Great post, thanks!

mara said...

and by the way love your blog and your work!
: )

Jazmin velasco said...

Oh thank you Mara for stopping by. Hey your work is lovely too!

alessandranardotto said...

hi! what's the name of the first book that you photograph?

Jazmin velasco said...

Hello Alessandra, it is called Neues ABC Buch, by Karl Philipp Moritz.