Friday, 11 November 2011


These two portraits with embroidery -and other pieces- are for the Christmas show at Cambridge Contemporary. from the 26th of November to the 24th December. 

I remember I used to hate the embroidery sessions at primary school. We girls would normally had to make tablecloths but I was too slow and then my mum had to finish them. Now it gives me great pleasure. 

Reading the blog of the British Museum I saw THIS post and thus I discovered that there is a Royal School of Needlework!

Mental space invaders, you see?



Christine said...

I love this. Love the combination of emboidery and screen print. (and love making cross stitch myself :-)

Jazmin velasco said...

Thanks Christine, very nice to see you around in my blog.

I am resting my right thumb now, it seems that I got a repetitive strain injury for so much embrodering I guess... it hurts.

oh, by the way, it is linocut.