Tuesday, 1 November 2011

he'll come tonight

This year I have a special guest in my Dead shrine. My beautiful friend Mario Corsalini who went almost a year ago to walk on a glacier in Patagonia and decided to stay there. Or maybe he just kept walking up and up and up.

I miss him. I wish I recorded all the witty and wise things he ever said, which was all the time. Then I would have a Witty Book of Wisdom or something like that. I will always remember and use those phrases, with his northern Mexican accent. And I will always try to think the way he did, always looking the brightest side of life. Honestly. Maybe he's singing and whistling and laughing with that great big smile of his.

Once I was preparing an exhibition with ex-votos and asked friends to tell me stories of miracles if such thing had happened to them. He came back with an amazing story. He told me with all technical details of a mountain he was climbing with friends. They checked the time when starting to climb and then at the top they saw the time again and to their surprise six hours had passed. But the three were sure just three hours maximum took them to get there!

His explanation -and he was sure of this- was that some UFO came to kidnap them but God fought the aliens and brought the three friends back to earth, placing them exactly in the same spot but deleting three hours in their collective memory. This is the ex-voto I made for him.

He was very handsome and lovable, once I was hearbroken and had to go to an event were the one who broke my heart would attend to so I asked him to come with me and pretend to be my new boyfriend. He refused at the beginning, couldn't believe that HE! Mario Corsalini would be used to lie! But of course he agreed and enjoyed every single minute as the trick worked perfectly well.

I have just good memories of him, but the one that describe him the best will be another time I was heartbroken -I was always hearbroken back then- and he told me to count to 3,000 so he would arrive to take me to dinner. We went to an Argentinian and ordered a couple of steaks. He couldn't finish his HUGE steak. Packed it and disappeared and was back after a little while. He had gone to find some poor person to give him the steak. I'm sure had the best dinner of his/her life.

He was like that. The world was better with him in it.

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