Sunday, 4 September 2011

Whittington Press

Every year the Whittington Press opens the door to the public so we can come and see the place, the machines and the people who work there making beautiful books. I took the advantage of this to take Cecily (my bicycle) out of London and have a ride around in the Cotswolds.

The place is perfect, in the middle of the countryside with sheep and maize around. 

This guy was showing how to cast type. 

An aldana and a proofing press, very much like mine, in action.

I had the good fortune to meet Chris Daunt there, great printmaker and the guy who makes my engraving blocks!

Prints for sale. Unfortunately, as I was cycling I thought it would be a very bad idea to buy some of these fine prints.

What I did buy and carried was this nice little font. 

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Charlie said...

thank you for creating such a lovely and inspiring blog!
i bought a 'regency' card from bath the other day for my sister and just had to see your other work!
best wishes