Tuesday, 8 February 2011


For a while I've been thinking to try my hand on engraving but I always saw it with fearful respect. I thought it would be too difficult, expensive and time consuming. Which it is, but it doesn't matter because I am loving it. The visual result is almost the same as scraperboard. It suits capitally the letterpressing things I'm doing now. So, I work and whistle with alacrity all day in the studio.

Moreover with the incentive of having a big Solo Show in Bath this summer, (keep checking here as I still don't know the exact dates) I have to continue my studies in the Georgian and Regency period that doesn't stop fascinating me. For instance, did anybody here know that the great great great grandmother of my bicycle was invented by some German Baron in 1818? 


Louise | Italy said...

They are sooo gorgeous, these Regency engravings.

diego molina said...

Que hermoso dibujo! y los luchadores tambiƩn me encantaron