Saturday, 12 June 2010


I should've done this on Thursday but I was too busy preparing a feast for the match South Africa - Mexico and then too busy yesterday watching it and then too upset with the poor result.

Anyway, these drawings were for a project called TODAY I SAW, go and check it and you can understand it better.

My local fitness centre is a source of endless surprises and on Thursday it was a particular surprising day starting with a mysterious changing rooms swap. I didn't notice the dozen of announcements, so... yes... At least I wasn't the only one! many men came into ours too.

I can laugh now but I was very annoyed with the big ball of hair floating away in the pool and the women using scrubs and oils even though it says everywhere that you shouldn't.


So, I now have to send this postcard (I chose the first one) to my swapping postcard partner Laura Ferrara in Maryland and add it to the TODAY I SAW flickr group.

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