Thursday, 20 May 2010


Magnificent Exhibition in the British Library called Magnificent Maps.

"Maps are works of art that need to be visually pleasing in order to convey information successfully... It was difficult to distinguish 'maps' from 'art' before 1800, when they were sometimes the work of professional artists".

It is an exhibition I have to go several times. I thank Heavens every day that the museums in London are free and that I live in it. It was too crowded and every map needs a quarter of an hour to be seen. 

Besides the fantastic and absurd old maps there is one of Grayson Perry -I didn't know he was a printmaker too- and the one of Stephen Walter called 'The Island'. Amazing. He is mad, look at THIS.

Still, I think they forgot to include my favourite map of all times. Steinberg's 'The View from the 9th Ave'.

Years ago I made a map of London myself, it was selected for the National Print Exhibition in 2006 I think, and I never made copies of it again. But I've started the edition now. It is called 'New and Accurate Map of London'.

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