Monday, 26 April 2010

new ones

Since the beginning of this year, as I've had an exhibition every month I've been trying to make new prints for each one.

For the OXO exhibition starting this week (Thursday, 6-9 pm, private view) I made these two:

The sixth one for the Regency Love series starring Colonel Brandon, ravishingly looking at beautiful Miss Marianne playing the pianoforte.

I am loving this series more and more. I enjoy the process of researching, which involves reading and re-reading the books of Jane Austen and visiting old houses of the period. And of course, this is the best excuse to go back and again to the V&A Museum.

And also, the print of my friend Pascale half naked has proved to be quite successful so now I will continue to ask my friends to strip and model with my kimono.

In this case my lovely friend Jo and her cute little baby Finlay happened to be the best of models. I may make more than one of them, actually. They are the quintessential image of motherhood, love and beauty.


Mario C said...

ese kimono famoso...

Anonymous said...

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