Friday, 9 October 2009


Those were two very busy weeks. God! let's see... The Open Studio Show was quite a success even though I fell ill on the Sunday. Gastroenteritis.
Then Sami became very ill and ended up in hospital. Too fat. So, he's back to a strict diet.
My sister, in the meantime was here and so we tried, in two weeks, to see the most and the best of London. Difficult task.
So now, many things are waiting for me in the studio. Print deliveries, printing, more printing and other etceteras.


Louise said...

Oh I wish I could have been at the Open House - looks great! Why don't you guys put works from the open house on an open house website page, and then stayaways like me can see them in cyberspace...

Jazmin velasco said...

Colin thinks that is a very good idea and that I should implement it forthwith.
And he says hi.