Tuesday, 11 August 2009

many surprises...

...and it's just noon.

1. The blackberry harvest in the lane has been the best ever. There are millions and millions of berries looking at me, saying: eat me, eat me.

2. It seems that all my flowers in the garden said the same to the slugs who merrily gobbled them all up. Except three robust sunflowers who are ready to explode in yellow maybe tomorrow...

3. Sami's got a surprise in the post today! Not edible, thank God, he's too fat, but hopefully it will be something that will help him loose some weight. He LOVES it. ♥ Thank you so much Frani ♥

4. Thank you so much Louise for what you wrote about me ♥

5. My favourite film of this year. After life or Wandâfuru raifu. It is actually from 1998, but I never heard about it before. In my local DVD place the girl told me that it was wonderful and one of her favourites, now I see why. You wanna take a look?

6. Sami resting belly-up on top of a tree.


Louise said...

:-)) Have a good day!

gracia said...

Like the look of that harvest replete with extra smiles... ;)