Monday, 1 June 2009


We spent a perfect weekend in bloody paradise. Dorset is BEAUTIFUL and I want to live there, very close to Corfe Castle and I will have ducks and a sheep and a cow and Sami will be playing with rabbits and we'll have a big printing studio and a ceramic studio and I will plant carrots and potatoes and loads of other vegetables. And then I'll learn to sail and I will have a vessel and I will sail to France and will bring french sausages and cheese, and I will eat it with apple chutney because I learned this weekend that apple chutney is delicious on a piece of bread and cheese.


Mario C said...

Allí es un buen lugar para su boda...
reflexionad. Me di cuenta que Dorset saca saca buenas ideas de tu cabeza, saludos

Tim Budden said...

We usually spend our summers in Dorset at the family res, but this year finances are short so we're gonna sweat it out in Taiwan. Your pics brought a tear to my eye - an English summer huddled behind a windbreak on the beach. Pure bliss!!

jazmin velasco said...

Oh Corsalini, te encantaría ese lugar! Hicimos algunas caminatas buenísimas. Hay cliffs por todos lados y distintos caminos y aldeas preciosas. Tienen que venir!

And Tim, I understand your tears. I was there this weekend and I already miss it. I definitely want to live there.

Anonymous said...

your dream sounds wonderful, can I join you. I dream of a 'casasito' by the sea, baking cakes, feeding my chickens ( so I can use their eggs to bake) and growing my own veg.
Dream. dream, dream